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Originally Posted by Richard View Post
FWIW, in "Band of Brothers" Stephen E. Ambrose described Camp Mackall (named after PVT Tommy Mackall, E-2/509th PIB) as a "marvel of wartime construction," having been converted from 62,000 acres of wilderness to a camp "with 65 miles of paved roads, a 1,200-bed hospital, five movie theaters, six huge beer gardens, a complete all-weather airfield with three 5,000-foot runways, and 1,750 buildings" in just four months.

Imagine trying to accomplish that with today's procurement process.

And so it goes...

Yup, I went to a 509th re union about 16 years ago and many of the WW2 guys were there....they go until they cannot physically go or die.
Pvt. Mackall (Mack al, heavy on the Mack) as they knew how he pronounced it was the first KIA the '09 had on infil in North Africa (as far as they knew I believe).

I've seen most of the changes out there and it is amazing....what they need now is a Camp Mackall section in the SF Museum showing the different phases the place has gone thru...a nice pictorial would be very cool. Someone on Bragg hit Roxanne up with that.
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