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Out of my depth but .............

1600mg doses ? I've had plenty of Demerol, Stadal, and Morphine for various injuries. Dislocated shoulders that required concious sedation for relocation of the anterior dislocation, and for abortive treatment of acute migraine headaches that are what I like to call "out of abortive range" with common houshold pain relievers and triptans.

I understand that composition of the opiod and other elements to the medication are measured differently, but is 1600mg equivalent to say 100mg of Demerol, or 10mg of Morphine, 4mg of Stadol ?

I've had these administered both intramuscular and intravenious. Obviously the intravenienus dosage are pushed in smaller dosage than an intramuscular, but the effect is almost instantantious when the nurse pulls the syringe from the catheter. (Like you just got hit with a twelve pack of beer all in one dance)

What is the anesthetic effect of this drug ? It seems like a whopper of a dosage if it's purely an synthetic opiod with phenagan for nausea.
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