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Dr. Kotwal was my Battalion Surgeon.

Pretty much, if I recall correctly, he came up with the idea of using these. They had been out for cancer patient pain management, but hadn't been widely used in any prehospital setting, let alone combat medicine.

400mg has a kick.

The method of deployment was relatively simple. Once the patient is stabilized, then they can have a lollypop. Quite literally.

obvious counterindications: maxofacial trauma, basically if they physically can't suck on a candy lollypop then you don't need to give them one of these. Must be concious and relatively lucid.

15 minutes sucking on it, 15 off... decrease by 1 minute down to 5 minutes.. Basically any wound that patient has, they will know about but sure as hell won't care about it.

With the 400mg dosage, we found that it was way too much for a straight shot, hence the titration effect with the staggered administration.
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