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Originally Posted by Combat Diver View Post
I took his course while I was ACAPing and two days after retiring in 08' was in downtown Baghdad tracking EFP emplacers. Good course which was run at Ft Huachuca at the time.

Wow! That’s awesome.

I heard(RUMINT so please don’t quote me on it) he may have been a subject matter expert for the Marine Corps Combat Hunter Project a decade or so ago?

I know a few guys down our way who are SMEs and I “audited” a tracker course(not course qualified, just lucky enough to get along to it).

But I only learned some green role tracking fundamentals, the urban side looks really interesting, I only ever received a “soldier’s 5” overview.

It’s a really really cool skill set....that reminds me of pistol training with quick skill fade if not practiced regularly.

Quite mentally taxing and certainly requires a few days to “tune in” to the environment.
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