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Our emer med equip SOP for every man on 5 day patrol was:
  • Individual pill kit in compass case (antibiotic, antidiarrheal, ASA, actifed, DAS tabs)
  • Small field dressing in bottom of every ammo pouch/canteen cover
  • Cravat (worn)
  • A7A strap belt
  • 5 ea 10gr MS (left breast pocket)
  • 3" square moleskin
  • 5 bandaids
  • Small tube polysporin
  • Small bottle HOH purification tabs taped to each canteen cap
  • 2 large black safety pins pinned inside flap of each ammo pouch
  • Claymore bag (with strap cut about 8" above bag and the two straps sewn into loops to fit over harness web belt in rear) to carry blood transfusion IV set (could use for direct transfusion among team members or IV insfusion) and 500ml LR solution

If injured, you used the individual's med supplies first.

You'd be surprised how much stuff you can take care of with so little gear.

Key - spread the wealth and x-tng!

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