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I don't know if your interest is purely "Tear Gas" or historic / hysterical ABC/CBR/NBC gear in general, but here is the stuff from under my house:

1970 = Diatomaceous Earth Packets, (kitty litter, finely ground) with razor blades.

1980 = Chemical Tubes, to be punctured with the nail sticking out of the top of the case.

1985 = Squeeze Packets with glass tubes inside that were crushed, then the soaked pads wiped over the skin/equipment.

The all purpose Protective Mask Waterproof Bag, complete with rubber bands, in a case that would hold your wallet. These are heavy duty vinyl, and would nicely hold (and keep bone dry) two t-shirts, two pair of socks, and two underwear.

Black Canteen Caps, that, in time of war, we were to use in place of the OD canteen caps so we could drink through our masks. (Do they still use those. I've seen a site where they have been modifies to make any canteen, one quart, two quart, five quart into a "Camelback."

Come and get it if you want it. It comes in an 18" by 18" by 24" rainproof wooden box.
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