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Hello everyone,
So I have a similar question, I'm perusing a bit of a different career path, I'm a young EOD tech and when my reenlistment window opens, I'm hoping to go to SFAS. Like I said in my intro I have some very big aspirations, I understand nothing is guaranteed, but to make it happen I need to start now. I want to go 18C I think that's where my background would be most applicable and allow me to be a better asset to my team. That's my 1000 meter goal, my 2000 meter goal is 180A. I'm looking for advise/ opinions and if there are any 180A what degree did you have? I understand that any major can be applicable, I'm just not sure where to start. I have a decent amount of my gen eds done and want to minor in a language, I was thinking Spanish. Again, any opinions/ guidance would be greatly appreciated. I understand that these are big goals, but they will stay goals unless I break them down into short term acheivable goals and start making headway. Thank you.

The title was suppose to say advice not advise, advise sounds demanding for that I apologize. I tried to edit it.
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