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From a S-1 standpoint, make sure you have copies of:

Jump logs and certificates from jump school - for receiving jump orders

Tab orders - for receiving SDAP

Marriage cert. - has to be submitted with the DA 5960 (NC requires it but some states may not)

1059's from the Q - used to substantiate NCOES and covers lack of NCOER while in school

Those are the top few things to get you paid correctly and get you started off right. The list 18C4V put up is dead on.

Also, if you are not familiar with DTS by the time you leave the Q please do the training provided on the DTS homepage. It's on the left side about half way down. It's called Trax and the logo/link is a small mud bootprint with Trax on it. Once you get to your unit I'm sure they will cover their protocols for DTS and knowing the basics will save you some headache.
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