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Originally Posted by Cenetix View Post
I see this post is a little old, but Iím going to add my relevant experience. Iím also active duty at Fort Bragg and over the summer I had bone marrow aspirated stem cells and amniotic membrane injected into both my knees at Womack on Fort Bragg. These treatments are being done; no need to travel to Panama. However, your mileage may vary depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Donít expect miracles. These procedures would have cost $40k per knee private sector, but they didnít do anything for me. Ergo, Iím glad I didnít waste $80k of my own money chasing the dragon.
Thank you for sharing the experience. Iíve been following this therapy option for years as I plan to get it myself. The concern is the one done in US cannot be stem cell rich source due to FDA limitation of fetus-derived product. Also afaik thereís no way to control the cells to generate into cartilage only n not into bones, which worsens the condition. Thus the only thing left is the anti inflammatory (pain reduction) benefits. You did not experience that either?
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