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Originally Posted by Bechorg View Post
I heard a story about two team guys who got stem cell injection treatment in Panama for injuries., and TRICARE covered it. It runs about 25K for this multi-week treatment.

I recently had S1/L5 discectomy on 26JULY, and after 10 weeks of recovery, my sciatica is continuing, at times worse than pre-surgery. I am at the end of my rope with recovery, all I want to do is be able to wear kit, run, deadlift, and squat in order to stay on an ODA. I am at 13 years, with eight deployments and this has put a halt to my career, and I am afraid that if this continues for another few months I will be medically boarded. Any info is appreciated!

Not sure how far they are going with stem cells but I just had my feet taken care of from damaged arches and heel injuries with stem cells so I know they are doing it here in the states also another friend was offered stem cell treatment for his damaged arm nerves from gunshots several years ago......worth a shot
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