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Have none of you jokers seen 'Hunger Games' yet?
Or the new 'Star Wars' trilogy?
Mr and Mrs Smith?
Atomic Blonde?
...for fuck sake ANY of the Marvel movies?

There are tons of proof that women can rock-it in combat. Rey picked up a light saber and with ZERO force training - she kicked the shit out of a dark side force user so powerful that Luke fucking Skywalker was afraid of him.

Jane Smith beat the hell out of the guy that invented fight club - and she only let him live because she wanted some sex.

...fuck - I dont even need to defend Katniss - that bitch is pure 100% unadulterated Grade-A Prime top quality bad assery
but you all knew that already

If women couldn't do all of this shit - they wouldn't make movies about the women that can do all of this shit.

See - it breaks down like this - we cant just memorialize and hold dear the remembrance of women like Molly Pitcher (not her real name) we have to retcon her entire existence - how dare American history suggest that all a woman was good for was carrying and delivering water to them "men" on the battlefield - how dare we play up her bravery in helping to run the canon when her man went down.
Her oppressive husband probably forced her to leave her executive position with IBM so she could bring him and his buddies drinks while they were out playing with the period context assault weapons.

But maybe
juuust maaaaaybe - Mary Ludwig Hays was the right person in the right place at the right time and lives were saved because of her effort. Maybe putting her in the front rank of a bayonet charge to show that she could carry a musket would have been better for womens rights and equality -
but maybe
just maaaaaybe - people should consider that sometimes it is ok to just be a regular person in the right place at the right time.

Maybe these women that want to break barriers for personal gain and glory actually fall short of earning respect due of someone that puts the needs of the team first.

Anyway - I got to run - I am going to start training for the "women over 50" cage fighting championships - I am pretty certain if I wear pink and let my hair grow that I could at least get into the quarter finals in my age group.
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