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Originally Posted by dfirsty View Post
This is something I hadn't thought of and wasn't prepared for. A few nights ago there were several shots fired in front of my house. While i immediately had access to my gun it took me some time to find pants to put on before going outside.
One could have a pair of light, elastic waist band "cargo" shorts or pants with a quick fasten belt.
Extra pistol mags in left hand pocket for righty pistol shooters and SG shells in the right pocket.
Maybe a pay as you go cell phone in a pocket?
In the event of needed hasty action and you drop or do not pick up your regular cell phone from the night stand...
Maybe some "slip on" shoes (not open toe "flip flops") by the bed in the event you have to continue repelling invaders off your property...

RE: Shotgun ammo... Maybe the first 2 rounds are #10 shot, then apply 00.
In the event that the intruder is a "rookie" and retreats immediately you're not putting any family members at risk and blasting up all the drywall (not that you won't be anyway but...).
Obvioulsy if they keep comin', different game.

Love the "remote control" light behind the intruder input!

As usual all other advice is top notch!

Spring break this week, we will be revisiting our fire escape and other "what to do if..." scenarios...

This is one of my favorite threads along with "be prepared".

Thanks to all!
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