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Originally Posted by MisoMed View Post
Joker,...- I wonder if some of the push to gain combat status for females has to do with what happens after war? When a female veteran tries to obtain benefits from the VA, sometimes she's relegated to the back of the line for her non-combat status even if she received her wounds in combat. If her paperwork isn't coded as such, she isn't getting care and falls behind her brothers in the long line of the wounded. A friend of mine has a purple heart and she can't get timely care but of course, who does?

...Your experiences may be really different. What are you running into?
I personally do not believe anyone that has wounds due to combat should be relegated to the back of the line regardless of sex. True combat wounds can take place anywhere in a village, FOB, or on the way to the Embassy.

I am now a sr. civilian at Star Fleet Command and we see no true combat nor have I heard of one female saying that they wanted to go Infantry, Ranger, or SF. The only ones that I have heard this from is the male(?) Pentagon Leadership, who are even farther removed from the action and are not Combat Arms, and a few congress women (note the little c, you figure it out), who never have, or will, see some military combat.

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