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Originally Posted by afchic View Post
But there are going to be those that can meet the standard for infantry/mech/artillery units. So instead of bitching, moaning, whining and complaining about it, it is high time we all start to figure out a plan to best integrate those women into those MOS's , because gentlemen, the time is here, and nothing you say about it, is going to change it. As leaders, the best thing we can do for our troops is not complain behind the brass' back, but move out, and effect the change in the best way possible.

Concur. As I've stated before, Ma'am, as long as the current standards aren't modified, there should be no reason to exclude a female from entering a combat MOS.

I don't agree with the chauvinistic misogynists who compare it to a man trying out for the Bearded Lady gig at Barnum and Bailey.
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