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Just wanted to get in a quick word for those young guys who are searching around honestly but naively for a way to prep.

I ordered and read "Get Selected." While I appreciate the Major taking the time to selflessly pen a tome in order to help guys get ready for SFAS (and donating the profits to a fantastic non profit, big ups), and I think there is some good common sense about foot care etc., I ardently disagree with a lot of his training advice.

At one point he actually advises against lifting weights with your legs because it makes you a slower runner, or something to that effect. While I haven't been to SFAS, I know guys who have (and who have been to the "other" selection), and I've got a solid resume in the mountains where I've tested training efficacies for myself.

Running and rucking endless miles and doing bicep curls is not the best approach for any level of fitness. We know that SFAS is three weeks of grueling PT, among other things. Your body needs to be durable enough to handle it. Strengthen your entire muscular and skeletal structure with compound movements over a full range of motion. Lift heavy things, run fast, and sure, go rucking every once in a while to get used to it.

A number of guys have had success with a Crossfit/Crossfit Endurance type approach (google it). In my opinion, I have found this to be the best system for training for these types of events. You'll build up a solid base of strength and flexibility, have a strong and durable body; all without wearing your body down before you even get there.

Once again, mad respect to the Major for his efforts, and I'm sure his advice will adequately prepare you. Then again, I've heard of guys showing up to BUD/S who can barely pass the PT test but are standing there at graduation day because they refuse to quit.
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