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Originally Posted by Scimitar View Post
Different states approach it differently; I'm out of the loop now, but at its most basic

A) Some send you thru from basic to graduation (18x styles)
B) Others enlist you in the local NG SF unit and you break the pipeline up
C) Others enlist you in another unit in the state, (i.e. 11B) ship you to a broken pipeline and if not selected there's no messy paperwork trying to kick you out of the SF unit. It can be like you're on the local conventional unit’s books, but borrowed by the SF unit, and yes in some cases this can make your pipeline a little unpredictable.

It sounds like your State may have just changed from A to C.

It really comes down to weighing the risks; you can easily enlist in States close to you, who may have a system that is more favourable to your goals and needs. But in many ways the 'C' option, although a little informal, basically guarantees you a shot at local SFRA anyway.

I personally can't talk to intelligently about SFRA.


From what it seems is that...
1. I live in IN and, currently, the unit is still in Chicago until September 2016, so IN cannot offer me an 18X.
2. After speaking to the A/2/20 recruiting rep. he doesn't think the unit is even offering the 18x/ Rep 63 because they have been getting burned by guys not making it so they are resorting to option C.

I am fully on board with an 11B contract and trying out. I actually feel more confident with that route and being able to drill with the unit to prepare for SFAS. From what I've read on the forum and from talking to the reps from the unit I think they said something like a 95% pass rate with they're guidance.

I do know that they are moving. Now knowing that I should have no problem getting released to attend the tryout I will definitely be pursuing that route.
I am hyper motivated but realistic. As a civilian off the street with limited experience with forced marches, land nav, and basic soldiering I see the 11B as a good foundation and experience. I really appreciate everyone's input.

It seems a little crazy still with the unit being in IL, but moving to IN, while having the SFRA in IN at Atterbury. I only live about an hour to an hour and a half southwest of Atterbury (aprox.)

If I have any more questions, I know where to come.

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