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Social Network Analysis for Startups (beginners)

Social Network Analysis for Startups: Finding connections on the social web
By Maksim Tsvetovat and Alexander Kouznetsov

This book is well thought out and is useful both as an overview of network analysis and as a practical application of Social Networks' Analysis methodology. Great book covering introduction of Social Network Analysis in very simple language. Book not only talks methodology but also give hands on practice sessions on the concepts using Python code. Which I don't have a great understanding on and wished the Authors used NetworkX or some kind of AnB chart linkage chart or other diagram to show the code. But if you understand how to tweek Twitter API, then you will grasp the Python code. But the overall book is extremely detailed and nicely done in the principles for conducting social network analysis (SNA). The applications are tangible and well-explained for beginners. There is a learning involved in this analysis field, but it's worth the persistence in learning. The one "thing" I like about this book is it opens your thinking that SNA isn't just about Facebook or Twitter, it's about how people are a network and how they tie together. Book covers how to recognize online com- munities, and study the anatomy of those social communities and how they use a viral video or get a flashmob going or planned. If you see a need for looking at social media networks, then I say you should look at this book.

Okay so I liked this first book so will started reading the follow up book:

Mining the Social Web: Data Mining Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, GitHub, and More
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