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Originally Posted by PedOncoDoc View Post
I was thinking the burns on the mouth and fingers were from a meth pipe, not torture. This guy's likely a user IMO and this was possibly a deal gone bad.

I also worry about tamponade causing the JVD as well as a hemothorax causing the left-sided breath sound abnormalities.

I'm not a trauma/field guy so I'll defer management to those who are. I enjoy reading these scenarios and hearing how they are stabilized prior to coming to the hospital. Thanks Sdiver!
Thanks Doc, meth users and the effects are completely foreign to me. You probably nailed it. Changes my whole thinking on the manner. If this guy's a meth user then the wound is probably self-inflicted (He's not smart enough to do a head shot) and this would account for the bullet trajectory too. He's right handed and the trigger pull forced the barrel to the outside (patient's left). Voila- failed suicide attempt.
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