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Beaver {large incisors}
Dirty Ben {preferred mayonaise over KY as a lubricant and Phantom Sh**er in 18th ABC NCO Academy}
Grit {accent you wouldn't believe and tough as nails}
Wee-Wee {last name began with W and had a hyper-focus on 'working on the railroad'* - there was 1, 2, and 3 as we had three with the same last name in the same camp}
Strange Ed {medic who would accuse team of being out to get him and rifling his gear - booby-trapped his hooch in camp}
Taco Six {Hispanic B-TM CDR - not a term of endearment}
Northwoods {tracked 180 degrees wrong during HALO jump at Ft Bragg - located by DZ medics at Little Whale restaurant near Raeford sitting in shade on front steps drinking iced tea}
Wash {second 'Pigpen' on the same team}
Pawa {}
Buddha {large belly and necklace with a half dozen buddhas - looked like his namesake when seated wearing nothing but a pakamah}
Motor Pool {had a bigger crank than any vehicle in the yard }
Whiskey {favorite drink}
Bad-Eye {never could tell where he was looking}
Fang {incisors like a vampire}
Purple {after the song Purple Haze}
Waldo {guy could disappear anywhere - hard to find like the character in the books}
Broke Dick {suffered a vascular rupture during a sexual encounter - penis did 90 degree turn about 1" from groin - had to be repaired surgically}
Moose {large Norwegian from Minnesota}
Ratman {05C}
Seafood {smaller than normal penis - kidded about dating women who enjoyed a 'shrimp' platter}
Weasel {sneaky, pigpen sort}
Sasquatch {large Tm Ldr you could hear coming a mile away}


*PM me if you don't understand the reference.
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