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Originally Posted by Team Sergeant View Post
This is more likely the real answer. I used to fly a lot and never took meds. If you took one:

"because I was slightly light headed in this instance and I wanted to prepare for my ASVAB the next morning without any distractions."

Doesn't make sense, you don't take Dramamine because you're light headed. You take it as a prophylactic for motion sickness.

Try flying low level for hours packed in like sardines in a large cargo aircraft ...........
My 1st terrain flight in a C130, Hunter to Bragg, every seat taken, high winds, in flight rigging. EVERYONE except the pilots were puking. The garbage cans were overflowing. The Crew Chief and Jump Masters were puking out the doors. Puke all over the floors as we ran out of puke bags. (We need a puking emoji.)

The jump was canceled because we could not see the ground due to the high winds and bowing sand.

Dramamine would not have helped. Dramamine? Give me a break.

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