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They pushed the easy button and made the Assumption you have frequent motion sickness. This is a disqualifier on the list they have if proven true. The doc just took the easy way because he sees large groups (let me guess it was a line behind you) and said next victim because you had evidence in your hand.

The recruiter, although he cannot issue a medical waiver himself, can take your medical condition or lack of condition up the ‘food chain’ and have it assessed by the MEPS Chief Medical Officer. If he/she feels that your condition isn’t a point of great concern to your service abilities, then you’re golden. Naturally, this process may require another visit to MEPS, further testing and evaluation, but it’s definitely worth the shot. Believe it or not, even if the MEPS CMO turns you down, you also have the option to take it past his or her level, a bit higher up on the chain. Persistence, at that point, does pay off.
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