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Michael J. Conley of Canton Georgia, liar and fraud

So while Michael Conley Special Forces / Green Beret Liar and Fraud has been out in his uniform lying to folks with a straight face the good people at NPRC went over his records with a fine tooth comb and we are now in possession of the results.

Silver Stars - Claims (2) but no documents of any sort.

CIB - Earned (2) but can't stop there and claims (3)

Soldiers Medal - He earned (1) but claims (2)

Bronze Star - Earned (1) but claims (2)

Purple Heart - Earned (1) but in one newspaper article claims (3)

Parachutist Badge - Record Shows "Parachutist" but he wears the Master Parachutist Badge

And absolutely no records of attending the Special Forces Qualification Course.

This is how you take a decent army career and throw it in the trash. This is also how you get arrested for falsifying government documents. I doubt anyone will waste their time on Conley, well, except his idiot friends Terry Sorrells and Lawrence County Veteran Affairs Director Brad Bough.

Michael J. Conley of Canton Georgia, and Lawrence County / Bedford Indiana you are a legend in your own mind.
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