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Michael Conley Special Forces / Green Beret Liar and Fraud

Originally Posted by PRB View Post
Can't find his book on Amazon....
I highlighted my fav part........ I really enjoy the fact he leads off with his biggest lie "a Green Beret", he totally left out his real MOS and title, "Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic"...

To Joe Public reading this, no E-7 serves 42 years.......and this liar and fraud "retired" as an E-7, not E-8/1SGT

This is a true story and after 42 years of Military History it encompasses much of my life as a soldier, a Green Beret, a Ranger and a Ranger Instructor. I have served as a team leader, a squad leader, a platoon Sargent, a Field First Sergeant in Iraq and served as the Senior Operations Non-Commissioned Officer in the Republic of Georgia and as First Sergeant and a NCOIC of a Mitt team in Iraq. I must surely tell the truth that all of my dreams have come true and some way on beyond what I could ever have hoped for.
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