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Originally Posted by Atilla View Post
The day I please you is the day the day of the rapture. I took a little literary license and I apologize.


Spare me. Hunter S. Thompson takes literary license. ee cummings takes literary license. One must be capable of stringing words together into intelligent sentences (capitalizing, using proper punctuation, correct spelling, not switching verb tenses) before one can claim literary license. You can't write; and won't even proofread your posts.
Just to be on the safe side, I'm going to switch to Atheism. I would rather be "standing in the face of Hell (capitol letter H) and carnage and not batting an eyelash" at the Rapture (Capitol letter R) then run the risk of being pleased by you.

Is there anyone else who thinks that this "Yo Gabba Gabba It's all about Me, ATILLA! Tee Hee" Thread should be closed?

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