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If you had to build an 18A from scratch what would their past experiences be like?

I don’t really want to jump right into this thread with my question—but “Building your own 18A” is along the line of what I and I’m sure many others in my position are curious on.

This is a question directed to all Quiet Professionals both officer and enlisted and really no one else:

For current and prior 18A’s:
1. Looking back at the beginning of your career what do you wish you would have done to better prepare yourself as an 18A?
2. Current- What do you plan to do to make yourself a better equipped 18A and leader?

Everyone else:
1. What are the best qualities, experiences, background, etc. you have seen in prior 18A’s that really make them stand out from the rest?

Using the search button I know there is plenty of great advice for how to be a good 18A once you become part of the team but what I’m looking for is--if you had to build an 18A from scratch what would their past experiences be like? Example: Prior MOS, Battalion, Post, prior service, ROTC, OCS, USMA, and the possibilities go on for a really long time.

The reason I ask is because I aspire to become an SF Officer and now is the time I want to begin building a strong base to go that direction with my career. It’s easy for me to assume what would make the best and most well rounded 18A but we all know how much assumptions are worth.

Also, I know this is a very complex question which is really subjective to each person’s experiences but for me the answers will be invaluable!

Thanks in advance for all responses!
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