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PTSD Now Taken Like, Real Seriously. Not a Joke

By All That is Holy, thank the heavens that those who suffer from PTSD finally have a voice to be taken seriously. I give you doughnut-licking pop star, Macchiato Grande.

Now, I'll grant that one such as this, who lives in the bubble-encapsulated ivory tower of entertainment celebrity-dom, may have truly been shaken up by such an aberrant shock to her elitist world. However, I'm wondering if perhaps her scans revealed the effects of an undisclosed spike in drugs and/or alcohol intake that she engaged in to calm her nerves or just from chronic imbibing.

There is also the possibility that she was having sympathetic PTSD symptoms, the likes of which we heard about from people who watched the Twin Towers go down on their TVs, far away from ground zero in other parts of the country. Or those stationed overseas in such dangerous assignments like on a FOB in Kuwait who talked to somebody who heard about some intense combat action in either Iraq or A-Stan.
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