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Commercial Camouflage Usage

Quiet Professionals,

I'm inquiring with you about the use of commercial camouflage used either in training or down range. The genesis of this question is two fold, first that you see a few pictures of RealTree (and a few others) in use in Afghanistan, secondly I have a uniform top in commercial camouflage that originated from an ODA member in 7th Group. I don't know whom it belonged to, but it came from a support guy who traded for it.

Thus my question, was it used down range, if so, how frequently? Did it ever see used stateside? Any information would be appreciated.

My goal being to fill information gaps in my knowledge. I was regular Army so we didn't get to have much choice in our gear or uniforms. As someone who now saves uniforms with their history, its important to try and fill these gaps in.

With respect,

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