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Iíve had a Foster press set up for at least 20 years. I use it for all single stage reloading from 223 through 300 WM. I really love it. No shell holders to set up, and it hasnít broken yet.

I do use the Dillon 550 (older than the Foster) for some .308 and .223, and all pistol loadings. If you find the right powder, it throws a very accurate charge. I use Unique or Bullseye for .45 and 9mm and TAC for .223, and have found that with 10 throws the total weight for all 10 throws doesnít vary more than 1/10 of a grain.

For more accurate 223, 308, 300 WM and 6.5xí06, I weigh each charge using a beam scale and a powder trickler. I can achieve a very low standard deviation with reloads that are probably very accurate Ė if only I was a good enough shot to find out.

I trade with Dillons because they have good stuff (if you know what to buy) and have a very good return, repair policy. Also, they are close by. I buy all my dies and other components from Brunoís by Deer Valley Airport. They are expensive but they are convenient as well. Hard to find components I buy off the auction websites. Buying good powder right now is difficult.

My only suggestions: buy a micrometer cartridge headspace tool to confirm the set-back for the sizing die. It takes the guess work out of setting up the sizing die. I use this one and it works.

Also the competition dies with micrometer-adjustments are easier to adjust for accurate resizing and bullet seating.

Reloading is fun and relaxing for me. Problem is you canít drink beer while reloading.
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