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Originally Posted by koz View Post
Pretty much all things Forster are good. Their Co-Ax press is really nice and has some great features. It's a bit more expensive.

Also look at the Forster dies. I've used Redding for a long time but have been converting over to Forster.

If you want a progressive other than the Dillon, take a look at the Hornady Lock and Load A&P.

Also, if you go with the Chargemaster (which is a great product) - look at the "straw mod" to aid in accurate trickling. For what it's worth, I had a very expensive accurate scale (I could measure a 1/2 kernel of power) but I saw no real difference using it vs the Chargemaster.
The gunsmith TR and I depend on uses a Forster Co-Ax press and the older (pre-L&L) Hornady progressive presses. He inherited them from his father who most likely bought them when they first came out. He has the trophy case and records to prove the quality of the ammo they reload. Good equipment is a life-time investment.

Side note: Between koz and GT I've learned two worthwhile things from this thread that will improve my own setup. I've had my CM1500 for almost two years and I have never heard of the "straw mod". A quick Google and I find that and two other "tweaks" to improve accuracy and production rates. Thanks for the input.
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