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What a great resource idea.
Morning Dove, Bowtie Pasta, Reggiano

Bacon is a great additive to anything edible as are mushrooms, tomatoes (fresh/canned). We stocked up on different types of dried pasta with the idea as basic ingredient to build a meal around. Also, grab several dz. cans @ of Tuna, Salmon, Sardines.

Mushrooms are cheap; cooking 10# off and then reducing them to 2qt or a paste enhances storage space, and affords you the opportunity to upscale any of the 4 basic pantry items. We hold qt containers for up to a month as 32^F with no problem.

Hard Cheese keeps really well.

Spices are a great thing to have on hand. Kosher salt and pepper are a must have.
You should also think about having some goodies on hand, nuts, chocolate holds well in most cellars housed in a cookie tin. Brownie mixes that only require oil and water are also GTG.

Don't forget board games, cards, chess and checker sets, arts and craft, kitting, anything that will engage you and yours if a quarantine is declared.

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