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That is a good start for a pot full of "perpetual stew" if the 'S' really did 'HTF'...
In the Peoples Republic of Sanders and O'Cortez, we will quite likely need some good recipes for eating pets, critters, and possibly even zoo animals if we want to survive. Once the BernieBro's take power and turn us into Castro's Cuba, a nice hearty stew will be a great way to make any kind of meat taste good.

Seriously - if the goal is a warm spoonful of food for an empty belly, an old school pot of never ending soup can do a lot to keep folks healthy and motivated. Not much need for refrigeration once the democrats crash the economy so keeping a pot of stew constantly simmering over your survival fire eliminates the need to refrigerate the meats that cant be smoked or dehydrated.

So you didn't catch a squirrel today ?? Thats ok - there is still quite a few hunks of rabbit in the pot. Whatever can be shot, trapped, or picked during the day just gets cleaned and tossed into the pot. Smoked fish or dried meat can be held back while other proteins are added to the bottomless pot.

Of course, there is always coming to grips with the fact that life really does imitate art...

When SHTF after the Bernie-Bros and Cloward-Piven finally crash the economy, we can all look forward to Soylent Nutrition, Inc. to provide us with better, more affordable nutrition we can rest easy knowing that Soylent is working tirelessly to end world hunger hunger and global food insecurity.
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