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Sharpening update!
Last week I had the chance to hand sharpen a Spartan Harsey folder that had been used hard daily for over a year by a building contractor. Some pretty tough stuff had been cut with it and the edge had some dull spots.
Sharpening was done the owner watching.

I have a Norton two sided stone on the bench, the orange colored fine side is aluminum oxide and the other is a dark grey colored medium silicon carbide.

My report is that the silicon carbide side cut the CPM S35VN steel very well, restored the edge within my "job" attention span (which if that runs out I go to the belt grinder) and some finish work on the orange side of the stone had the knife paper slicing sharp.

Cutting a piece of printer/copy machine paper by drawing the length of the blade from base to tip in a slicing cut is a good way to test for flat spots on the edge that need a bit more work on the stone.
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