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Originally Posted by mojaveman View Post
Overall thought it was a pretty good game.

Thought the Forty-Niners were going to take it but then the Chiefs with their 24 year old quarterback made an impressive comeback.

Anybody take note of Bloomberg's advertisement?
Bloomberg is at minimum a hypocrite, at worst is more like that WWII German guy that the left frequently compares to President Trump. Pretty much all of the commercials I saw were horrible. My fav was Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott.

I haven't watched a NFL game since Linn Elliott shanked several field goals (threw the game, cough, cough). This year someone convinced me to come watch the AFC Championship game and I must say Mahomes is worth watching. It's enjoyable to watch people who have a fire that involves more that just showing up.

The post game celebrating was insane, cheering, fireworks and a few discharges of unknown origin..... there will be lots of bitching on Nextdoor about traumatized dogs in the coming days.
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