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Knowing the knifes provenance would help. And I hope you understand what I’m saying, it looks strange and if someone wanted their group on the knife that should have been very easy to do and unmistakable. 1st SFG or 1st SFG(A).

My specialty was Military Free Fall, sometimes referred to as MFF or HALO. In my years I’ve only heard of the dive teams (in Special Forces) referred to as SCUBA teams, dive teams, or combat dive teams, but not UDT. If you google UDT it all comes up Navy UDT and I’ve not heard of “Special Forces UDT”.

My guess, it was made for a “civilian” that asked for Special Forces engraving and didn’t know what to ask for…… I now doubt it was made for a “real” SF soldier.

I'm sure my SCUBA brothers will chime in soon.
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