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Originally Posted by Golf1echo View Post
One option is to partner up with another company that attends military shows and would be willing to add you and your product to their booth, that helped me understand I was barking up the right tree.I say “ military show with the idea there would be less poaching and it being closer to your larger customer... later you may find your customers might not even be military.

I was far from any military community when I started both in location and service dates. Knew I didn’t have the money to market in any flashy way so decided to go the cult route. Started G1 MIST Program where we focused on getting pieces into the hands of deployed soldiers to develop relevancy, a lessons learned guy helped with that. One by one we brought customers on board... they are incredible sales agents and I saw a loyalty develop. That has developed into a community, we now get inquiries about building what their teammates have etc... it wasn’t an instant process but neither was purchasing all our materials.... on the bright side we buy nothing from China and MOQ requirements have left us in a solid position regarding resupply most materials. Understand there are a lot of ways to skin a cat...
I understand. In the mean time, I sold three to as many nephews currently active. One is a CPT, with CAV, IIRC, down in TX. One of his brothers is a 1SG at Leonard Wood. And the 3rd is their cousin, an ODA CDR in 3rd SF in Bragg. They tell me they've been sporting these around. The one in TX tells me his BC catches himself saluting him when mistaking him for a senior(superior) officer.
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