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SAF units

Originally Posted by GaretTrooper View Post
That was our mission but the phrase Special Action Force (SAF) ment the Special forces Group was augmented with additional assets.
The 8th SFGA was the only SAF ever fully staffed.
We had:
A Medical Co, 355th Med I believe.
A Phycological Operations company (they also printed the SAFLAN news letter)
A Civil Affairs company
An MP company
An Aviation company but no planes
An Engineer company
An ASA company (Army Security Agency for those too young to remember)
There may have been one or two others but my memory fails me.
Perhaps SFpanama's book has some data.

Our full title was:
8th Special Forces Group Abn, Special Action Force Latin america, 1st Special Forces
There was also an MI unit on the second floor over the post office which was across from the parade field.
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