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Originally Posted by troy2k View Post
The question asking why is incentive pay necessary. Our senior command doesn't get it either, that is, why do we need incentives..."In my day no one ETS'd." That's right SGM, and in your day guys got money out the ass and maybe shot at once in their career. Burying your friends has a way of taking the sizzle out of a bonus.
So does a Command team who fails to make their unit a place you want to stay. There are simply too many damn good deals out there to stay somewhere that sucks, and when the NG units have a better Command environment than AD, guess where lotsa fellas go? I'd love to see a study on how many 18X are now NG!!!
For the record the Army usually stifles already federally approved funds for these pays, for instance, the approved Warrant Officer ascessions bonus is 60k, and Seals get it, but DA cut SF down to 20k.
I don't wish anyone presently serving NOT receive any and all money they can for their service. I hope that these bonuses are spread to any and all who may earn them. However, in "my" day they were filling a hell of a lot of body bags on a very regular basis. There were NO bonuses, or very small bonuses, for combat MOS's such as 11B /11C/12B etc. That is not why people volunteered, enlisted, re-enlisted, or stayed. It was much more than simply that.

It has to be much more than simply that...
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