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Here's an update. Mr Barr would appreciate some feedback.


Dear Mr. *******, Thanks for checking back with me.


It has now been nearly 5.5 years since I have submitted my final manuscript, and various bureaucratic hurdles have continued to preclude publication via SOCOM. As such, I have decided condense the piece and publish it in an article format. I have attached a very rough draft of the article herewith. Realistically, this is still too long to publish even in an academic journal, so I will probably split off the theoretical stuff about autonomy, physician-substitutes, and the SF medic's influence on the civilian PA into one article, and try to keep the rest of it (mostly the story of the SF medic) together in a separate article; it would end post-Vietnam, however, instead of carrying forward through the present like the book did, and that is most unfortunate. The bifurcation, however, is a project for this summer.

In any case, I greatly appreciate your continued interested and would be much obliged for any comments or criticisms you're friends might have on draft as it currently stands.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Sincerely, Justin
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