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I got that LL Bean one. The green is almost a perfect match for OG 107 pants. Its a nice jacket, but its not going to keep you warm - you have to wear something underneath it if its very cold. Just right for those sudden rainstorms, rolls up very small and no logo. Some guys thought it was issue and pissed because they didn't get one. LOL. nice big pockets too. I haven't had a chance to test the water-proofing yet. of course as soon as I received it it quit raining and has been 90 degrees. All in all an excellent purchase for the price.

Polar Bear done good.

The SPEAR fleece was a no go. None available and I understand the current manufacturer has QC issues. So I got one from Triple Aught Design coming. With those two, I should be good to go.

Thanks for the help.
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