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Here's a brief from Justin Barr. He tells me that in its current form the manuscript is about 200 double spaced computer pages long; looking forward to it being a good read.

Special Forces (SF) medics have been saving lives on and off the battlefield for fifty-five heroic years as part of the US Army, yet to date there is no systematic account of their exploits, analysis of their training, or recording of their voices. This monograph fills that void. It describes the transition from covert operations in World War II to the 1952 Special Forces and the meager medical assets there involved. The work goes on to detail the development of the SF medic and recount his experiences in the jungles and rice paddies of Laos and Vietnam. It later elucidates the connection with the Physician's Assistant movement and examines their evolution from a basic field medic in the early years to the modern physician substitute saving lives in Afghanistan today. While many opportunities exist to explore the social and cultural history of this unique position, this work confines itself to studying the role within the confines of the Special Forces through archival sources and oral histories. There is, of course, no single experience but rather thousands of individual episodes, and this book may well recount specific events differently than some recall. The author can only offer an attempt to synthesize and synergize the history to present the most complete version.
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