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The first page...


If you young lads and other posters will notice the first page was all guys who had been through the Q Course, the second page is starting to get some that ain't started yet and some that never will.

For those that ain't yet and them that never will be, why don't we reserve the comments.

Fear Monkey, Crip you guys are fairly new out of the course so I'll let you do the heavy lifting now .

I'm new out of the course as well and have three years prior service as an 11B with the 101st so I'll add my thoughts also. Granted, as with any school in the Army, you're going to have complaints. Everyone does. Yes, I believe the language portion of the Q Course could definitely use some improvements! Yes, it would have been nice to shoot more. But while I was in the course and once I graduated the course, I fully understood that I was not going to learn everything there and be an expert at every single SF task. I knew, and still know that there is a ton of stuff that I haven't learned yet. And I'm looking forward to continuing on in my SF education through various schools, etc. That's the beauty of it all. You learn the basic SF skills in the course. After that, you get the opportunity to learn from the guys on your team or at other schools where others have experiences/knowledge that you don't have. In my opinion, to learn from others and to continuously add new tools to your tool box should be something that every new guy should strive for. I would never say that the time I spent in the Q Course was a waste of time. All in all, it was time very well spent that laid the ground work for everything to come.
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