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Off the top,

Couple of things that we see, and we are seeing CONUS with LTE Broadband. Ubiquitous coverage is expected (not even going to get into the exponential increase 5G requires). Terrestrial and space-based networks have dead spots at the micro level even in Western metropolitan areas. The NOC isn't going to show them on a map but operationally you'll find them. Pushing that much computing with near-real-time data consumption and some form of AI to increase fidelity in decision making requires a network that is dang near ubiquitous with "5-9's" availability and reliability. So if your macro network coverage can be suspect, then you have to have mobile edge-computing to increase speeds and allow for off-network functionality if you lose macro.

Next, you have to power it all. Disposable batteries? How many of those do you need and are there batteries small enough to fit a mobile device that will run that much processing? A 5,000 mAh rechargeable battery MAY do the trick depending on the load requirements but then you're dependent upon electrical power to recharge whether you're generating it in the field or plugging into commercial power.

Then there is maintenance and life-cycle. Current mobile tech has an obsolescence rate of about 3 years whether that is just marketing (you gotta have the latest and greatest phone that looks exactly like the one you have) or technically with OS updates and processor speeds. These devices don't get repaired, you just toss them so how much does a rugged "whatever" weigh and how current is the tech inside it going to have?

DoD mobile device and OS approvals tend to be a few iterations behind so what's the chance of having a ruggedized, cutting-edge, edge-computing device with very high processing speeds and surreal battery life in an environment with a high throughput, reliable, available and resilient mobile network?

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