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Originally Posted by Gruzzen View Post
This is a common mis-conception among everybody except 18x in the course. Every single 18X has a MOS. Every Single 18X is Airborne Qualifiied. The idea that we went through OSUT, graduated, and stayed, somehow, non-mos Qualified has always astounded me; especially when Tabbed guys and Officers say it.

We are all 11B and with the P identifier.

Currently, No 18X will get promoted while in the Q course to E5 until they hit their Primary zone, which is 36 months. Every single E3 gets promoted to E4 while in the Q course, and for the 18X's this usually happens like clockwork on their 1 year in service, or around that time. Usually before they start MOS. IF an E2 snags a 18X contract in Basic and did not enlist as an 18X to start as an E3 then they are usually promoted twice in a row.

Back to the Reason that so many people think that 18X is a MOS. It's placed in our ERB as our Primary MOS. It's not a MOS. It's a contract type. However, that seems to be the way that people everywhere understand it to be.
You are only an 11B if you get a copy of MOS orders. Maybe things have changed, but when I came back in as an 18X they were not issuing MOS orders for 11B upon completion of OSUT. The enlistment option was 18X and not 11X. We had to wait until we received MOS orders from the Q course. Those that were dropped and placed into RA were given orders at that time. The reason why 18X is placed in the ERB is so those at HRC / PERSCOM have an idea of what the soldier is doing when they inspect their ERB.
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