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Nothing personal, and I think I understand your intent, but your post appears to confirm the bad stereotypes of 18Xs as whiny kids obsessed with themselves and not the force.

This gives ammo to those who would like to see the 18X program abolished and go back to everyone needing to be a Regular Army soldier first before becoming eligible to be "Special".

BTW, a Sergeant (E-5) is a Non-Comissioned Officer expected to lead soldiers in garrison and in combat. In an Infantry unit, an E-5 would be responsible for the health and welfare of up to a squad of a dozen troops. A soldier without any actual Army service or experience in a leadership capacity outside of the school environment should not be in charge of a squad, much less a company of indig in combat. Do you think that your education so far has adequately prepared you to lead a squad through company sized unit? That is why your predecessors many years ago were Spec 4s-7s, and were considered technicians, not leaders.

Unless I miss something, you are getting exactly what you were promised when you enlisted. If you want to get out of school more quickly and be promoted to SGT, fail your evals, and go to the 18B or 18C track. If you wanted to be an E-5 more than you want to be SF, drop from the program and the infantry unit you will be assigned to can make that decision about you.

Again, not trying to be harsh, just pointing out why you are in the position you are in. I suspect that you will make E-5 through E-7 quickly enough once you graduate, and don't worry, there will still be a war going on for you to participate in.

Best of luck.

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