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Originally Posted by Gruzzen View Post

This system in place royally screws over those that do the 18D course. Everybody I started with have already Graduated and are E5 (some E6) while those of use in the 18D don't get promoted for almost 40 weeks later, mostly because "We haven't done anything". This is even after we are now qualified in 3 MOSes , 11B, S68W, and 18D. However, I can understand their reasoning, because there's alot of people that still fail out, and there's no need to kick E5's back to the RA if they aren't needed. Not only that, but we are X-rays.
You aren't qualified as an 18D until you graduate the Q course.

People that fail out after MOS phase are constant headaches....WHY? "Because I am an 18D who didn't finish the Q"
Translation - not an 18D

THe system has always been less favorable to 18D's...even when our medical portion alone was 56 weeks long. Guys (Bravos) went into the Q, graduated and were on a team for more than a year before we ever graduated. Guys would FAIL OUT of Fort Sam (yes, our first medical year was at Fort Sam 20 years ago), go to the Bravo or Charlie course, graduate, and STILL be operational for a year or more before we got to GP.

You aren't being screwed, you are being given the benefit of some truly incredible training that can be gotten no place else in the world. The focus of that training is saving the lives of the men who will depend on you to do exactly that. It can't be rushed, half assed, or "shortened" any more than it already has.
If you are seeking acceptance in SOF for rank - you picked the wrong MOS. Very few D's get picked up for E-8.

Think about your choices to this point - you may need to consider another one.

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