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Originally Posted by Pete View Post
What a screen name?

Recent grad of the Q and his profile lists him as a SSG? OK you young stud muffin 18Xs, what is the fastest you're making E-6 these days?

Liked the bit about - he would be an 18A if only.
18X is not a functional MOS, it is a training MOS. Therefore,you can not be promoted to an NCO rank as an 18X. Sometimes, 18X's get lucky a get a set of 11B orders coming out of OSUT, in which case they are eligable for promotion should there records be ammended to reflect. If not, they are stuck at E4 until they graduate and get a 18 series MOS. If they have a functional MOS, they can go to the E5 board during MOS or langauge phase. All requirments for primary and secondary zone consideration remain in effect for someone with an Infantry MOS, i.e. 4 months TIS and 18 months TIS. No way he can make SSG as an Infantryman as requirements remain at 5 months TIG and 48 months TIS. From what I understand, primary and secondary zone requirements for promotion to E6 are waived for someone who has a 18 series MOS.

So, it is concievable that the kid could make E5 while in the Q Course. Then move to Group and because he is 18 series, go to the E6 board as soon as possible. I have seen it. Although, most Team Sergeants don't do this and make the kid prove himself before going to the board. I know one 18X who got out upon expiration of his contract still an E5.

As far as I know, E7 selection requirements still remain the same. Kid is going to need 2 years TIG and 6 years TIS in order to be eligable.
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