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Originally Posted by PSM View Post
Interesting observation, since our wolf sized dog died we've had a major influx of coyotes. He would walk the fence line of our 10 acres and mark it. One or two would come in to get gophers or ground squirrels but that was it. Now they wander around every night. We were supposed to have had a rescued Akita by now but they haven't gotten back to us on it. I'm probably too old to train another one from a puppy. The last guy was 65+# at 9 months. When they are that big and shift into puppy mode, look out!
Good luck with them getting back to you. My wife and I are about to start searching for a Belgian Malinois. If we were further north like Tucson or Phoenix, we'd need to keep that in mind too. I sometimes forget how hot it gets up there..
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