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Originally Posted by JJ_BPK View Post
Have you looked at a donkey or mule?
My wife saw a couple of miniature donkeys in Bisbee last year and mentioned they'd be fun to have. Not sure if miniatures would effect the coyotes or not.

Originally Posted by LarryW View Post
LOL...point taken re: SE AZ. Do Akitas do tolerate the heat? I suspect any do would need a lot of water and a nice shady spot to rest.

Yes, sir, JJ_BPK, the donkey would certainly be a great guardian. I understand they become possessive and have a low BS threshold.
Akitas aren't very active. He did OK. On a walk if he got hot, he'd just lay down in the shade or head back to the house. Once he was down, you were going to take a break whether you wanted to or not.
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