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Originally Posted by JJ_BPK View Post
Looks like someone is dumping on Melgar
To paraphrase the article above...[He was “uninvited” from and before the “very high profile” Embassy party at which he was “attending” the night before his murder]

What part of that and the other ‘deflections of blame’ sound inconsistent with the witnesses statements that are already based on lies?

Matthews statement I began to perform CPR and rescue breathing on him and his “chest rose and fell” with each breath...but we decided to perform a botched cricothyrotomy because... because we know that DeDolph a MMA fighter crushed his larynx/trachea and he knew it!

But that’s not what killed him it’s more likely than not (according to my medical background and I have not seen an autopsy) that DeDolph broke his neck at C1-C2 and severed the nerves controlling life below that. JMO

And WTF does their award of a PH have to do with their actions in Mali? Am I supposed be more sympathetic to them? fu*k’em!
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