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DeDolph and Matthews, another Purple Heart recipient, were members of the counterterrorism unit commonly known as SEAL Team 6. The other two men, Gunnery Sgt. Mario Madera-Rodriguez and Staff Sgt. Kevin Maxwell, were assigned to Marine Corps Special Operations Command.

Accusations and anger

The documents describe months of tension between Melgar and DeDolph and another SEAL who was not charged. Melgar and the SEALs lived in the same house, while the Marines lived a few blocks away.

To limit their interactions, the SEALs banned Melgar and another Special Forces soldier from their operations center, another soldier who also lived there later told Naval Criminal Investigative Service agents, according to U.S. military documents.

In the weeks leading up to assault, Melgar brought foreigners to the residence, the other soldier said. He added that Melgar had engaged in “frat-like” behavior and had acted in ways that got them both “uninvited” from events at the U.S. Embassy.

“Logan, Tony, everyone had a turn at it,” the other soldier said of excessive drinking, acknowledging that he also consumed alcohol on occasion.

Earlier media reports said that Melgar did not drink.

Melgar, for his part, had accused the SEALs of bringing prostitutes to the house, a detail that was first reported by the Daily Beast last year.

The other soldier living in the house, asked by investigators about the prostitution allegation, declined to answer directly but said infidelity occurred among some people living there, the documents said.

Melgar vented about the men to his wife, Michelle, in a series of messages that she turned over to authorities. “I freaking hate them,” Melgar told her. She has asked not to be contacted by reporters, U.S. military officials said.
Looks like someone is dumping on Melgar
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